February 26 :  Moving Later in Life is 'No Ordinary' Move...

  • Why is it so hard to even consider changing living space as we age? 
  • What are the common ingredients to the statement 'I'm so overwhelmed, I don't even know where to begin'.
  • Or perhaps you are working with an aging parent who says to you 'You'll take me out of my house feet first' but you know that Mom's current living environment is really not helping matters much, nor supporting the level of care that is now needed.

Cindy Natsch is the founder and President of Let's Get Moving!, a relocation and rightsizing service for our retiree community. Cindy’s organization specializes in assisting clients to move beyond an ‘overwhelmed state’ and to take the steps toward relocating to, or living in, a more stress-free and simpler living environment.

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