Membership Information

The Membership Committee for The Martin Center is back in full swing, with the dual mission of finding ways to retain current members and of presenting activities that will  promote and attract new members as well.   Membership is the lifeblood of the Martin Center, and we need to keep it flowing strongly.

DID YOU KNOW that most of the new members joining us are a direct result of friends and neighbors talking to them about the Center and the fun activities that we all enjoy there?   So, please, tell a friend and bring a friend to visit.

The membership committee members are Ben & Judie Snyder, Ethel Bueler, Judy Chilton, Sandra English, Beverly Kamen, Jenny Ladefoged, Sandy Lawrence, and Clint Newton.  We welcome ideas and suggestions that you may have.  So please write or talk with one or more of us about your idea.

And remember….BRING A FRIEND!